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Our ally program will restart in the Fall of 2024.
Please fill in the form to stay posted.

Workplace Help On-the-Go

Meet a senior professional woman for 45 minutes. Our allies are trained to actively listen and support you in triaging your situation and next steps. Where relevant, they direct you to our resources. 

1. Sign up for an ally. You can use a pseudonym. 
2. We will send you a calendly link to book a slot. We currently offer 45-minute slots with our volunteer allies every Thursday.
3. Due to high demand, we charge a nominal fee of $30 to reserve your slot. 

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Sign up for an ally

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1. Do I get to pick my ally?

At the moment, you will not get to pick your ally. An ally on duty will be assigned to you. We do our best to assign allies based on the experiences you have shared. Our allies have 12-25 years of experience and have worked across technology start-ups, public companies, government, entertainment and media. They have experience navigating challenging moments and want to pay it forward. You can find out about our allies at the "About" page. 

2. What can I expect in the 45 minutes?

In the first half, your ally will actively listen to understand the situation and the impact it has had on you. She will then spend time understanding the options you have considered and where you are in the decision-making process. Finally, she will share with you her assessment of the situation and provide some recommended next steps and resources. Please note that an ally does not replace a therapist, lawyer or coach and does not provide medical or legal advice. Her main value-add is her lived, practical experience and access to our resources.

2. How is this program funded?

At the moment, our allies are volunteers, which explains the very low cost. While they are senior professional women who command hourly rates upwards of $500, there is a strong element of wanting to serve and pay it forward. We are still exploring a sustainable financial model for this program and would love to hear ideas. Read this paper for the genesis of the ally program. 

3. How often can I book slots with an ally? 

Please utilize this no more than once a quarter. If you are in a non-urgent situation, we urge you to attend our workshops, where you will receive extremely practical materials and resources for your situation. 

4. Can I be an ally?

Please get in touch if you are interested to be an ally. We select and train our allies carefully. 

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