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Workplace Situations Confidently

"Sticky workplace situations are real, widespread and varied, and there are effective tools to triage and prioritize when you encounter them." 

Whether you've been through a situation in the past, are currently navigating one, or would like to prepare yourself for the future, this workshop is a great foundation. We cover:

  • Archetypes of sticky situations that professional women encounter as they rise to mid to senior-levels. 

  • Common questions women ask themselves in these situations & what are the more helpful questions. 

  • Tools to triage situations and develop your action plan.

  • Case studies of how other women have forged their path amidst sticky situations. 

  • When to get more help and who to get help from. 

This is a 2 hour workshop designed for professional women who want to be equipped and prepared for their own careers, and/or want to support other women better. 

Formats: Sign up for one of our workshops via open enrollment. Bring us in to your organization or for a group of your friends 

Upcoming Workshops

  • Navigating and Growing When You Feel Stuck
    Navigating and Growing When You Feel Stuck
    Fri, Oct 04
    Virtual Workshop
    Oct 04, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
    Virtual Workshop
    Oct 04, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
    Virtual Workshop
    As you rise in leadership in mid-to-senior career, sticky workplace situations are real, varied and widespread. Learn how to identify them, triage them, take practical actions and get the necessary support. We designed this workshop based on the experience of hundreds of women at this stage.

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if you'd like to engage on this topic but our timings don't work for you, please register your interest - we'll keep you posted.

Sarah, 36, Director of Commercial Legal at Big Tech

"I've learned that sticky situations are real, widespread and varied, but there are good frameworks to use to prioritize action plans. Thank you for this amazing resource." 

Jenna, 52, CEO of PE-backed company

"Your frameworks with real case studies allowed clarity and great discussions where we could learn from each others' experience.
The best parts? Getting practical tools, and having heart-to-heart conversations. 
As a CEO, I am often on both sides of the issue - as a woman navigating challenges and as someone who wants to support women effectively. Your approach appeals to both!" 

Natalia, 42, Head of Partnerships in Biotech start-up

"After the workshop, I thought of many other friends who should attend. I don't know if they even realize they're in "sticky" situations. They just feel stuck for a long time. Recognizing it as a potential problem that can be addressed would be helpful for them."
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