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Why Inherent?


We set up Inherent to support women through moments of transition and adversity in your work & life journey. 


This is a safe space for you to encounter compassion and empathy from women like you who have navigated challenging transitions and circumstances. You'll also find practical tools, strategies and resources to make your journey a little bit easier. Whatever you are going through in your work/life journey, you don't have to navigate alone.  

At the moment, there are three ways to engage with us:

1. Join one of our workshops or cohort experiences. Each of our experiences is designed to give you immediate, practical strategies, help you find language for what you are going through, and connect you with other womens' experiences. 


2. Find an ally. This service is for you if you feel overwhelmed and and don't know the first next step to take. Speak to an ally, a professional female executive for on-the-go, in-the-trenches insight and support. She'll listen and help you triage your situation. 


3. Bring us into your organization (e.g. companies, non-profits, educational institutions, churches). Help your team members define what work/life success looks like for them in different seasons. Train your mentors and leaders to be better allies to women navigating challenging work/life situations. Build truly supportive environments. 

Inherent is a mission-driven project, currently being incubated under Threshold Allies LLC. We work with a non-profit partner in the Bay Area to receive tax-deductible donations for awards and scholarships to women who need our programs but cannot afford it. Please get in touch if you would like to donate to support women. 

Our Story


Hi! I'm Karen, Founder of Inherent. Everyone has a "hollywood story" and an "onion" story. I've worked with Heads of State, Tech Founders, C-suite leaders globally, including Silicon Valley and Singapore. I've received multiple awards and scholarships, been a published author several times over, and have addressed global audiences on technology, leadership and governance. I've also been through many transitions and challenges in life which are not as easy to talk about, but are no less a part of my story.

In 2023, my friend Cyrena and I launched a pilot program (, to support women in moments of workplace adversity. These ranged from slow-burn challenges, to acute and targeted circumstances. Our program received a Net Promoter Score of 100. Research by Princeton University showed statistically significant improvement across all measures of the participating women's wellbeing, productivity, focus and feelings of support. 


We witnessed how women need three things in these challenging moments: Firstly, to feel understood and validated by someone who gets it immediately; To get a trusted gut-check brainstorming partner; To receive practical resources and support from women who have gone before you.  

We are excited to bring these concepts forward to women facing different types of challenges. At Inherent, I am continuing with the first-responder ally program for women in challenging workplace situations, and have launched trainings to bring insights and tools to women upstream. Cyrena will be applying the first-responder concepts to women in relational trauma, another area that many women struggle with. You can find out more about her work at

Community on a Mission: Allies and Trainers

Allies are a select group of women with significant professional expertise and experience in navigating difficult situations. 
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