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Tools For Your Journey: Practical Tools For Mid-Career & Life

Feeling lost as a professional woman in mid-career/life? You aren't alone. In this phase of life, we face increased expectations to "take it to the next level" at work while societal expectations, caregiving responsibilities and fertility concerns increase. ​


Our 4-week program (4 X 90 minutes) is for women who want extremely practical strategies and tools to navigate and thrive in the mid career/life phase. You come away with immediate action plans, plus tools to re-use again and again when the ground shifts beneath your feet.


  • ​​​Dive deep into the root causes of mid-to-senior career challenges for women.

  • Acquire practical strategies to navigate these challenges with confidence. This includes tools, exercises and case studies to readjust your work/life portfolio when circumstances shift.

  • Define your space amidst increased expectations, ambiguous and challenging workplace scenarios.

  • Build personal brand in a way that feels authentic and inline with your inherent values.

  • Audit and immediately supplement your support network for the transitions and challenges of mid-career/life. ​

  • Connect with peers who are on similar journeys, and who can learn and grow with you. ​

We offer the 4 week program online (4 X 90 minutes), and also run in-person retreats (4-5 hours) in the United States and Asia. ​​​

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Upcoming Cohorts

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Rachel, 36, Principal Economist

"The 4-part framework helped provide clarity on concrete areas I need to review and at what frequency."  


Sue, 41, Senior Director of Customer Success

"Loved the sharing of the stories by the speakers and the participants. True and genuine. Heartful reminder/warning of the potential pitfalls to look out for." 

Cece, 33, Senior Product Manager

"The best part was hearing other stories (either from the facilitators or participants) and feeling not alone." 
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